We live our passion

Founded on 3rd day of November 2017, at Gajari we’re a bunch of cool, creative, fun loving people who really love doing what we do. The original idea behind Gajari was to create great fashion and inspirational products such as T-Shirts, Tops, Vests, and more by utilizing our innovative, youthful ideas, and inspiration.

How brand name Gajari was born...

Gajari is a Sanskrit word which means Lion and since childhood we have been reading, watching, and are being told great stories about Lions and also Sanskrit is widely used ceremonial language in India, it has our cultural touch so, we all loved and agreed upon the name Gajari. And a nice artistic illustration of Lion over the word Gajari is all about our love, passion, and Inspiration so, this is how Gajari.com was named and born.

Highly curated and designed solely with high fashioned, energetic, trendy & classy men and women in mind, Gajari produces genuine products that's made to last both in style and durability.


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